Developing special alloy steels for high temperature and corrosive atmospheres with special micro-alloying elements to improve life of the product.

Alloys Global Ltd. has introduced modified alloys of IS 4522 equivalents to give longer life resulting in longer replacement times of HRCS spare parts. These alloys include:

NA Durable – IS 4522 Grade 7 Equivalent Working Temperature – 700 c – 900 c NA Extra – IS 4522 Grade 9 Equivalent
Inlet – Working Temp – 1100 c – 1300 c
Outlet – Working Temp – 1000 c – 1100 c
NA Strong – IS 4522 Grade 7 Equivalent Working Temperature - < 800 c
NA Tough – IS 4522 Grade 9 Equivalent Working Temperature – 900 c – 1100 c   NA Strength – IS 4522 Grade 9 Equivalent Working Temperature – 800 c – 1050 c
    NA Extreme – IS 4522 Grade 11 Equivalent Working Temperature – 1000 c – 1150 c

Product Design

Our design engineers are experienced and based on working conditions redesign with latest software’s like Ansys, Solidworks, Pro Engineering. Some of the work we have done for the cement industries is as below :-

Grate Plate

Redesigning of Grate Plates for better efficiency, easy installation and better life in existing coolers of any make.

Tip Castings and Sectors & Dip Tubes

Improving the design of Tip Castings and Immersion Tubes for ease of assembly at site and longer life. The necessary fixtures and tools for the same are available with us. We perform complete match-up assembly with match-making at our works before dispatch for faster installation.

Ready to use parts

Having all facilities, we are in a position to supply ready to use parts as per customer requirements. We are one-stop shop for Alloys Selection, Component Design & Analysis and manufacturing of Ready to use Components.


We have site engineers who travel continuously all over the world in helping erection and commissioning of our castings. Existing design of our components is done with cost efficiency and better efficiency in life. Common designs are made for many parts helping interchangeability and reducing inventory cost.


Nitin Castings Limited

Corporate Office: Prestige Precinct, 3rd Floor, Almeida Road, Panchpakhadi, Thane (West) – 400601, INDIA