Nitin Castings is currently in the business of manufacture and supply of High Alloy Steel Castings by Centrifugal and Static processes as well as Assemblies consisting of Cast & Wrought Products.

Our Misssion is to establish and continually improve our image as a timely supplier of value added products of excellant quality at competitive prices.

Nitin values its reputation for honesty, integrity, total commitment and fair business practices,above anything else. At Nitin no job is too small or too big. Every client is entitled to the best possible product, at the best possible price, delivered in the best possible time frame. NITIN commits to every client its total skill, energy and expertise without any reserve. There is never a conflict between expediency and integrity.

Nitin believes in the dignity of labour and the right of every working person to harness a fair reward for the efforts put in.

Nitin firmly believes in - "The right man for the right job" - a man with appropriate qualifications and complete motivation to execute the job with the pride and competence, befitting NITIN.

Nitin stands for free enterprise, fair competition and a rightful share of returns, accounting for the risk, effort and investment put into the enterprise.

NITIN also acknowledges, the often unknown and unsung contributors to its success-the suppliers of raw materials and services, manufacturers, providers and contractors of capital goods, the financial institutions and other organizations who form an integral and such essential part of NITIN'S team and make NITIN'S performance so much more valuable to its clients.

NITIN adheres rigidly to the industrial Safety norms and procedures, for a human limb or life is infinitely more precious than any job on hand.

And lastly NITIN does not necessarily aspire to be the largest casting company in the country but it certainly strive to be always the best.


Nitin Castings Limited

Corporate Office: Prestige Precinct, 3rd Floor, Almeida Road, Panchpakhadi, Thane (West) – 400601, INDIA